There's Someone Inside Your House

Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 1/17/2018

someone inside yourhouse  There's Someone Inside Your House By Stephanie Perkins

Moving to land-locked Nebraska to live with her grandmother was not where Makani imagined life would lead her. Makani begins to wonder just how much longer she has left of this new life as it takes a turn for the worse when it becomes obvious a serial killer is on the loose murdering her classmates one by one in a gruesome manner. Makani reconnects with an old flame wondering if he will be the one to help her or if he has a more sinister motive for returning to her life. As the murders become more frequent, Makani is forced to face the demons from her past that brought her to Nebraska in the first place and may be the reason for her becoming a target. This thrilling tale will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.