Goodbye Days

Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 1/24/2018

goodbye days  Goodbye Days By Jeff Zentner

Carver Briggs believes he’s a murderer, and not just any murderer, he believes he killed his three best friends. Dealing with the repercussions of the fatal car accident that claimed Mars, Eli, and Blakes’ lives takes a toll not only on Carver but the entire community. With the hounding of a local judge, Carver now could face murder charges. Trying to stay out of jail and continue to function at school Carver tries his hardest to keep his head down and just get through his senior year. To heal, he begins spending “goodbye days” with the family members of his best friends. Some go well and others don’t go as well as hoped, but Carver begins to learn how to forgive himself for the role he played that fateful night. With the help of unlikely allies, will Carver be able to move on with his life or will he forever be tainted by the single worse night of his life?