Witch Hunter Series

Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 3/21/2018

witch hunter  The Witch Hunter and The King Slayer by Virginia Boecker

In Witch Hunter, the first in a two-book series, Elizabeth Gray starts out as one of the best witch hunters in the kingdom. However, after being accused of being a witch, Elizabeth is sentenced to death by burning at the stake. Hopeless and left in a cell awaiting her execution, Elizabeth is rescued by an unexpected savior, the most wanted wizard in the land, Nicholas Perevil. Suddenly, she is thrust into a world full of the very people she has spent years hunting. As Elizabeth spends time with these “enemies,” she comes to learn that not everything is as she knew it to be. She will soon be forced to make difficult decisions regarding not only her past, and present, but the fate of her future as well. She and her new friends go through trials of trust and heartache as they figure out what to do to stop the spread of a deadly curse on Nicholas and hopefully stop a civil war that is brewing. In the second book, The King Slayer, Elizabeth loses her stigma, a tattoo that can protect the bearer from harm as well as strengthen them. She continues to struggle to find her place in this world full of former enemies. As the story unfolds, Elizabeth and the others desperately try to survive the war and Elizabeth soon learns that “war always means sacrifice”. As the lines between good and evil blur once more, Elizabeth must decide just how far she'll go to save those she loves.