Reawakened Trilogy

Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 4/15/2019

reawakened trilogy Reawakened Trilogy by Colleen Houck

In Reawakenedmain character Lilliana Young simply wanted a day to explore the Museum of Arts while figuring out where her life was headed. However, what she found that day was handsome Egyptian prince Amon who had just woken up after 1,000 years of being a mummy. Strange? Not nearly as strange as the adventure she goes on the newly reawakened prince. Lilliana and Amon awaken Amon’s brothers attempting to save the world from a shape-shifting god named Seth. Working with Amon Lilliana discovers she is capable of more than she ever imagined as she helps her Sun prince to defeat Seth’s evil plans. After stopping Seth, Amon and Lily tragically part in Recreated where Amon transported himself to the Netherworld. Before they were ripped from one another, Amon gave something precious to Lily that connected them through the realms enabling Lily to dream of Amon while he is in the Netherworld. Through these dreams, Lily can see that Amon is being tortured and continually suffering. With the help of this special gift Lily soon embarks on a journey to save the love of her life. However, in the third and final book, Reunited, Lily does not remember anything from her adventures with Amon. She is completely in the dark when it comes to all that has occurred. Yet she now has the power to defeat Seth and save the world once again. On her final journey through the cosmos and across the plains of Egypt, she faces her most difficult trials and tribulations. Will she be able to defeat evil once and for all? What will come of her love for her sun prince? Will she be able to remember the love of her life or will she start anew with someone unexpected? This trilogy is a magnificent adventure-packed thriller that will have you wanting more.