Emergency Contact

Posted by Elizabeth Lecompte on 4/29/2019

Emergency Contact  Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

Penny Lee is finally experiencing college and is one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a writer. She is beyond happy with the new life being at college gives her despite her overbearing mother and high maintenance roommate. Sam is stuck in a rough spot in his life. He is unsure of his future, his living situation, and of how to avoid his ex-girlfriend aka current love of his life. With dreams of becoming a film director, Sam is slowly trying to make it through the crap situation he is currently in. When Penny and Sam meet, it’s awkward and a bit ridiculous, nothing like the Hollywood love story Sam one day hopes to direct. Yet when Penny rescues Sam from a humiliating anxiety attack, they decide to be each other’s emergency contacts, contacts that soon turn into each other’s confidantes. The two friends cement their friendship via text as they attempt to maneuver through life. Will they go beyond just being friends or are their lives too messy to be involved with one another? This is a funny and honest story of two messed up people trying to find their own piece of happiness in the world. It will have you laughing and tearing up as you join Penny and Sam on the roller coaster ride that is their lives.