District Seeks Volunteers for Dyslexia Screening Workgroup


Pasco School District is working to implement new guidelines for dyslexia screening, which were approved by the Washington State Legislature last year. E2SSB 6162 requires all school districts in Washington to identify and develop screening tools and resources for students with dyslexia.

Beginning in the 2021-22 school year, each school district and charter school must use evidence-based, multi-tiered systems of support to provide interventions to students in kindergarten through second grade who display indications of or areas of weakness associated with dyslexia. Each school district must provide information about dyslexia, the student's indications of dyslexia, and a plan for providing supports and interventions for the student.

If you are interested in learning more about implementation of E2SSB 6162, or are interested in participating in the work group that will focus on the District's dyslexia screening process, please contact Carla Lobos, PSD Executive Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at (509) 543-6746, or clobos@psd1.org



Posted: August 28, 2019