Chiawana High School Seeks Volunteers for Mock Interviews


Volunteers are needed to conduct mock interviews on October 17 at Chiawana High School. Future dates are January 23, 2020 and April 23, 2020.

Mock Interviews give students an opportunity to experience the interview process so they will be more prepared and successful in obtaining jobs after high school. Volunteers ask students a variety of questions and evaluate students on a score sheet, both of which are provided.

Volunteers have the opportunity to interact with each student they interview and students have the opportunity to practice job-seeking skills, including preparing a cover letter and developing a resume.

To lend your time helping Chiawana high school students prepare for the future or to get more information, contact Chiawana High School at (509) 543-6786, Ext. 5530, or email



Posted: September 27, 2019