Pasco HS Student Named National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist

Congratulations to Pasco High School senior Christina Ocampo Valdez! She is one of 16,000 students nationwide who were named as a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist. She now has a chance to be awarded a National Merit Scholarship this spring. About 7,500 scholarships will be awarded based on academic excellence and other criteria, totaling more than $30 million.

Christina qualified as a semifinalist based on her outstanding score on the PSAT. She recently submitted a detailed scholarship application, which included an essay, and hopes to be chosen as a scholarship finalist this spring. “I’m really grateful to my mom for her support,” Christina says. “She helped to keep me focused as I was working on my essay for my application. She’s super smart!”

Christina definitely has plans for life after graduation, and she recently toured the University of Washington and Western Washington University. She hasn’t decided on a major yet, but it’s likely that she’ll focus on  biological science because she is interested in becoming a pediatrician.

Christina is also a member of the PHS orchestra, the PHS marching band, and the cross country team.


Posted: October 18, 2021