What is S.T.E.M.?

STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All of Pasco’s STEM schools, including Delta High School, are purposefully designed to meet the projected needs of the 21st century workforce and to prepare all students to solve STEM problems, innovate new technologies, network with professional people around the globe, and to make informed decisions as members of an ever-shrinking world.
Through STEM education, students apply the principles of mathematics and science learned through hands-on and minds-on activities to the real world around them. STEM education fosters fun with a purpose, reasoning skills, curiosity, perseverance, and inquisitiveness.

Pasco’s vision for STEM learning is to ignite in our students and staff a passion for learning, a commitment to innovative thinking, and a desire to transform the global community.

What is the STEM movement?

The STEM movement is as old as public schooling. The STEM movement has typically experienced bursts of implementation as needed by our economy or in the interest of national security. Most Americans will remember the Sputnik era as a time when STEM education was heavily invested in our nation’s schools. STEM has now resumed its place as a leading educational reform with the advent of the internet, a national focus on assessment, and an extremely urgent need for a vast number of STEM-educated people to enter the workforce as soon as possible. It is unlikely, given the current and projected future workforce needs, that the appetite for STEM in schools will decrease.

The highest-paying jobs in 2024 and beyond will be:

· STEM in nature.
· In protecting the internet.
· Technology-driven.
· Software and computer programming-dependent.
· Focused on the poor health of aging Americans.